Code of Conduct

  • Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct is a non-comprehensive list of principles that all members of the 40th are expected to adhere to, both perpetually and unquestionably. Its contents are incontestable and must be accepted in order to be permitted entry. The 40th are neither responsible nor will be held responsible for its actions that are in accordance to its Code of Conduct.

    The Colonel

    1. The Colonel is the patriarch of the Regiment. His word, whether verbal or script, is law. He is neither limited nor bound by anything or anyone.
    2. The Colonel is exempted from all contents of the Code of Conduct, as his person is non-accusable. He can, additionally, exempt or excuse anyone of anything.
    3. All members of the Regiment must owe their loyalty solely to the Colonel’s person.


    1. Members must:
      1. Respect the hierarchy and the Regimental ranking structure,
      2. Obey orders by their natural superiors without question or hesitation,
      3. Behave appropriately, maturely and in line with the Colonel’s expectations,
      4. Not double clan for other regiments (other modifications are fine),
      5. Act friendly to co-members regardless of their natural preferences,
      6. Wear their tags and use our banner, unless told otherwise.
    2. Members are denied the right to spread illicit material in accordance to European law.


    1. As the Code of Conduct is non-comprehensive, the leadership of the Regiment reserves the right to administer all unmentioned behaviour or actions according to their own judgement.
    2. Members can appeal to have any punishment lifted, but only after it has been administered, and to the Colonel directly.


    1. Members are expected to be familiar with both the Code of Conduct and the Guidebook.
    2. The Regiment will store personal information in relation to the 40th Information Data Base.