Mark - 13/11/2019 | Accepted

  • Username (including nicknames): Mark

    Steam link:

    Age (in years): 20

    Country of residence: Netherlands

    How did you find us/Who recruited you?: Ianitori, Tomppa

    Do you accept the Code of Conduct?: Yes

    Why have you decided to join the 40th?: The regiment seems to be relaxed in nature but that works because there is a degree of discipline. Might be the first NW regiment I'll enjoy being in.

    Comments/additional notes: Might not always be able to attend all the events, I make a mod (Bear Force II) for Warband and run a regiment in that mod (501st) meaning that I'll sometimes have to give that priority when the need arises.

  • Accepted.

    Welcome to the 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot!

    Please make sure to read the Guidebook, and add the following members on Steam: Colonel Rhen, Captain Úlfur and Colour-Serjeant Pickle. Additionally, ensure that you are added to the 40th Steam group, and receive all necessary permissions on our Teamspeak3. The schedule can be found at the top of the website, where you will find the event times.

    If you have any questions, please contact a moderator/administrator from the Steam group, or approach us through Teamspeak3.

    40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot,

    Captain Úlfur

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